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Community Living’s July magazine out shortly – don’t miss it

You get a printed copy and a free on-line digital version with full access to back articles….with a regular articles from Belinda Schwehr (LLM) on social care law issues and Charlie Callanan on welfare benefits.. Should these Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) providing neither be called prisons? In this issue Sam Sly explains why ATUs […]

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Risk-averse staff are undermining the aims of the Mental Capacity Act

Vicky Yeates worries about the future for her 31 year old daughter. She met two young men whose journey to independence offers some reassurance about her daughter’s future but whose stories show how excessively risk-averse implementation of the Mental Capacity Act can be a barrier to success…   Dan and Steve have learning disabilities; both […]

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How to draw parents with learning disabilities into meetings

 How to draw parents with learning disabilities into meetings Child protection meetings can be daunting for anybody and even more so for a parent with learning disabilities struggling to understand what is being said. Alison Matthews explains her system using drawings to communicate crucial information.   A significant proportion of people with learning disabilities have […]

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Creative commissioning in the face of budget cuts

Mark Stables is dealing with a £3 million cut to his budget but he is still determined “to make things happen”, he told Seán Kelly.   Two friends of mine were discussing job vacancies recently.  One of them expressed an interest in applying to be a commissioner for services for people with learning disabilities.  The […]

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Centenary – Legacy of a Remarkable Woman

Four charities which owe their existence to Elfrida Rathbone will be celebrating her legacy and achievements in 2016. Rosemary Trustam reports The recently released film, The Suffragettes, told the stories of some remarkable women but a quieter and in many ways more remarkable story is that of Elfrida Rathbone. Far ahead of her time, she […]

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Does Olu’s story point to racism in our services?

Could Olu’s story reveal the learning disability equivalent of racism in our services? asks Sarah Reilly Olu, 47 years old, black, powerfully built and over 6 feet, is non-verbal, has a profound learning disability and is on the autistic spectrum. He came to England when he was very young becoming, by his 10th birthday, a […]

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Who has failed to protect children from sexual abuse?

Kate Snowden explains how the Independent Inquiry Team will approach its wide-ranging investigation into child sexual abuse The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will investigate whether public bodies and other non-state institutions have taken seriously their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse in England and Wales. It will identify institutional failings […]

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Heart of darkness – Chris Hatton on Mazar’s report

Chris Hatton’s blog on Mazar’s review showing shocking failures at Southern Health suggests this may be the tip of the iceberg. Today’s news is that hospitals in England have investigated just 209 out of 1,436 deaths of inpatients with learning disabilities since 2011 (Hospitals fail to investigate deaths) What does it take for the Government […]

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Don’t miss Belinda Schwehr’s blog on Care and the Care Act

Schwehr on CARE is Belinda Schwehr’s contribution to supporting people who are interested in adults’ social care to use the Care Act, together with public law principles. The idea is that the Act might then really make the kind of difference that it was intended to bring about. The blog will do this by encouraging […]

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Help to keep our subsidised pricing low…support our charity C.L.Initiatives Ltd by doing your on-line purchases via easy fundraising. It works like loyalty cards but earns money for the charity if you first log onto easyfundraising which will transfer you straight to your retailer website. Any purchase made automatically transfers the donation to easyfundraising. You […]

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The White Paper…

Good intentions but no funding by Rosemary Trustam (pdf – 220kb)
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Time to fund Circles of Support?

A report written by Rosemary Trustam
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Moving on after Winterbourne

Aideen Jones, Chief Executive of Southdown Housing Association, asked a number of respected leaders for their thoughts on what a good service looks like.
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