Let’s make this a General Election for everybody

Let’s make this a General Election for everybody At Community Living it is not for us to take sides in the forthcoming general election, but with all parties we intend to ensure that people with learning disabilities are on the political agenda. We’ve identified five key questions that we would urge all Community Living readers […]

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Editor’s preview of our Spring 2017 edition, now out – Simon Jarrett

There is plenty, I hope, to catch your interest and stir up discussion in our Spring issue. Our eye-catching cover shows a group of young actors getting ready to perform in Impact Theatre’s  recent production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Inside, our full-colour photo feature shows the stunning visual beauty of the performance. Thanks to […]

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Editor’s blog April 8 2017 – Simon Jarrett

We will hold an enquiry….. I recently attended a talk by the excellent Joe Plomin, the producer of the Winterbourne View Panorama programme. He listed more than twenty regulatory bodies that had a statutory duty to protect the residents of the institution. Every single one of them failed to detect anything. In the end it […]

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We need to talk about Mencap/Charity Begins At (Care) Home – My Daft Life & Mark Neary blogs

We need to talk about Mencap Posted on July 27, 2015 The CQC published a chilling review of a Mencap run ‘service’, Precinct Road in Hillingdon, on Friday. Yep. Mencap. Documenting so much so wrong I can’t summarise it here. A series of human wrongs. This went under the radar until Mark Neary came across […]

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Would you allow this to happen to you or people you care about? We should stop it now!

Leave a reply Mark Neary posted a blog today titled Knife edge Decisions which prompted this. He talks about his and other families’ experience. He reflects on the position of the families of many of the 3500 still incarcerated facing a treck on Christmas to spend time with their relative in a completely inappropriate setting […]

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Bubb – please please don’t go off on another institutional route – show that you can listen

I was amongst many others i think who were fairly horrified to read the blog of Sir Stephen Bubb, CEO of ACEVO following being asked by Simon Stevens to head up another group – this time one to “co-commission between the voluntary sector and the NHS”. It says little for Simon Stevens that he thinks […]

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