Community services

‘Transforming health and social care’ – Adults Commissioning conference 2016

Rosemary Trustam attended the annual conference of the national commissioners entitled ‘Transforming health and social care so that we all stand together’. The National Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference (NCCTC) – Adult Services – focused on how health and social care could work together to achieve savings and improve outcomes.…

BASE (British Association of Supported Employment)’s 11th conference November 2016

Work, health and disability: improving lives The Department of Work & Pensions’ Green Paper was the main topic of the discussion at BASE (British Association of Supported Employment)’s 11th conference attended by Rosemary Trustam. The conference reflected BASE’s unwavering passionate and committed championing of supported employment.…

Can we learn from the past?

We are in danger of repeating our mistakes, says Rosemary Trustam. We are now seeing institutions disguised as community housing and private equity companies that call themselves care companies. Do we ever learn? she asks. As each week passes we continue to hear heartrending stories about Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs).…

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