‘Transforming health and social care’ – Adults Commissioning conference 2016

Rosemary Trustam attended the annual conference of the national commissioners entitled ‘Transforming health and social care so that we all stand together’. The National Commissioning and Contracting Training Conference (NCCTC) – Adult Services – focused on how health and social care could work together to achieve savings and improve outcomes.…

Changes to service models: are they in the ‘best interests’ of service users – or the authorities’? A parent/provider speaks out

In the scramble for local authorities to manage their budgets, learning disability services have become easy prey to the knife with authorities persuading themselves that cuts to services and changes to ‘models’ are in the ‘best interests’ of service users. The problem is that whilst they may purport to ask people – sadly late in the day – these changes have not been driven by the aggregation of individual assessed needs but by cost savings.…

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