Lives – not services

In a tough environment of budget reductions, workforce problems and provider struggles, Rose Trustam reports from three conferences focusing on the positive:  community development, real achievement and evidencing  what works. (NB Full conference reports available to subscribers on the website home page) Commissioners conference ( Margaret Willcox (President elect of ADAAS) stressed the need to ‘really put the individual at the centre of working out their needs and controlling their care, with a system of care and support designed with their full involvement and tailored to meet their unique needs.…

BASE (British Association of Supported Employment)’s 11th conference November 2016

Work, health and disability: improving lives The Department of Work & Pensions’ Green Paper was the main topic of the discussion at BASE (British Association of Supported Employment)’s 11th conference attended by Rosemary Trustam. The conference reflected BASE’s unwavering passionate and committed championing of supported employment.…

Giving small organisations a platform

Gillian Parker reports on the recent BASE conference. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– BASE – The British Association of Supported Employment – is an independent association whose members help find jobs for people with disabilities. Supported Employment is built on the social model of disability.…

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