Fighting hate crime – are you ’with Sam‘?

The national learning disability charity Dimensions is spearheading a campaign – I’m with Sam – to fight back against learning disability and autism hate crime. Thirteen organisations have joined them so far and there has already been some success in working with the Crown Prosecution Service to react more robustly to these crimes.…

How exclusion affects the health of people with learning disabilities

A project by the Centre for Disability Research at Lancaster University aimed to find out how neighbourhoods and community participation are linked to the health of people with learning disabilities. Chris Hatton and colleagues report on their findings. Summary Study title: Perceptions of neighbourhood quality, social and civic partnership and the self-rated health of British adults with intellectual disability: cross sectional study – http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/14/1252 Aims: To examine the relationship between the social connections and community participation of people with learning disabilities and their health.…

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