Let’s make this a General Election for everybody

Let’s make this a General Election for everybody At Community Living it is not for us to take sides in the forthcoming general election, but with all parties we intend to ensure that people with learning disabilities are on the political agenda.…

A smart look at that nagging ‘Who’s human?’ question

Theatre review by Simon Jarrett Princess of the Graveyard Palace   Ellen Goodey and Annie Smol (co-directors)  Ellen Goodey and Chris Goodey (co-writers)              Stratford Circus Arts Centre In theatre, there is nothing worse than a play that simply reaffirms its audience’s expectations and beliefs: and similarly there is nothing better than when a play, like this one, chips away at everything you think is true.…

Are today’s attitudes any better than those in the past?

In the last of the series ‘Meet the Historian’ Community Living’s Arts Editor Simon Jarrett explains how a startling discovery in a hospital file set him off on a historical journey. As a young nursing assistant in the 1980s, I began work at a small, all-male ‘mental handicap’ hospital.…

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