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BAPS of the Month – April

Community Living magazine is proud to be a sponsor of the BAPS (Bl**dy Awesome ParentS) Awards. This month’s award goes to Adele Hanlon who’s ‘worked night & day for years now to get her son home’ and has ‘ helped so many other parents quietly & with enormous love & empathy’. For more information on people’s opinions on why […]

New release by Heart ‘N Soul artists 15th May

PRESS RELEASE 4 MAY 2018 Heart n Soul artists Too Hot for Candy collaborate with award winning beatboxer Grace Savage on new single ‘Piece of Me’ Scheduled for digital release on Tuesday 15 May, ‘Piece of Me’ is the latest track from Heart n Soul artists Too Hot for Candy who have collaborated with beatboxer […]

Discrimination – even in death?

Pressure is growing against the plan to build a car park over Calderstones hospital’s cemetry. Sad enough that people spent their lives and died in a long-stay hospital but the contrast between this one and the nearby military cemetry is scandalous.  Not worth caring about? photo Pathways associates CIC Nigel Ingham will be writing in […]

LDE announces new CEO appointment

LDE announced the appointment of their new Chief Executive as Samantha Clarke, taking up the post in July. Sam is particularly known for her  work as CEO at Inclusion North which illustates her commitment to real inclusion and leadership by people with learning disabilities. She is currently CEO at Local Area Coordination Network CIC . With ‘Sam at […]

Government response to damning disability benefits report falls short

The government’s select committee chair Frank Field expresses disappointment at the Government’s response to their damning report. Whilst they promise to record PIP assessments and review the application form, they won’t send copies of the assessment report unless asked and there’s no indication of any move to make the 3 private contractors more accountable for their […]

Making a visible difference & Tunnel vision commissioning

Making a visible difference Some remarkable achievements by young people with learning disabilities in the world of TV, film and theatre are highlighted in this issue. Actors, dancers, choreographers, film directors, animators and musicians are making their mark on the British cultural scene in unprecedented ways, and which were probably unthinkable even 20 years ago. […]

Dealing with death, bereavement and loss

Everyone has the right to grieve for the loss of a loved one and well-meaning attempts to protect people from the realities of death are misplaced. Sue Pemberton reports   A regular topic of discussion for members of self-advocacy group REACT is how they feel when someone they knew or loved dies. Others often try […]

Married – but without the capacity to consent to sex?

A man with Down’s syndrome and his wife were awarded damages after he was assessed as lacking the capacity to consent to sex and they were denied conjugal relations. Belinda Schwehr reports on the case and its implications   A married man with Down’s Syndrome, CH, was awarded £10,000 after he and his wife, WH, […]

Farewell, Engine Shed

Farewell, Engine Shed The Engine Shed was a social enterprise that trained young people, helped them into work and broke down barriers. Its former chief executive Marian Macdonald tells its story   The Engine Shed was a thriving social business that provided training for young people with learning disabilities in a working environment to help […]

The great American IQ panic of 1917

IQ testing caused widescale anxiety that the US population was rapidly losing its intellectual powers after 1.75 million soldiers achieved alarming scores. A century later, the consequences are still being felt, says Simon Jarrett The IQ test was invented by early French psychologist Alfred Binet. His 1908 test is the prototype for those used today. […]