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Editorial Comment:  Transition to adulthood: why is it still such a problem?
Letters ‘Contribution’ to statutory costs could be masking scale of funding cuts;Calderstones cemetery problems are not over yet
Welfare rights: Tribunals make PIP more available Legal rulings make more people eligible. Charlie Callanan looks at decisions on mobility and safety
Legal: Big issues for legal advice. Part 2: attitudinal mindsets Belinda Schwehr discusses troubling, common issues in health and social care law and practice
To err is human, to live fully is divine When people move to adult services, they can end up stuck in an unchanging, sheltered life. What about the right to make mistakes, take risks and adapt how you live as you change? asks Suzanne Gale
A life of change and growth A lot has changed during my lifetime for people with learning disabilities – let’s keep this up, says Sara Pickard
Call to action: what would it take? Jan Walmsley issues a powerful rallying call to rediscover the determined spirit that liberated people with learning disabilities from long-stay hospitals four decades ago
 Using film to bridge the parent-professional divide Could film help parents and professionals to appreciate each other’s experiences and point of view? Clare Palmer, Henrik Lynggaard and Catherine Wordsworth discuss this (Open to non-subscribers)
A world of discovery – by and for everyone The Horniman Museum involved people with learning disabilities in its new gallery. Josephine Healey gets hands on (Open to non-subscribers)
Freedom kicks off Matthew Garnett is making the trip of his dreams, visiting dozens of football grounds, just a year after getting out of an assessment and treatment unit
On the right road to adulthood School leavers can end on a path to a lifetime of inappropriate services. Simon Duffy describes how a new path can be forged
Research: lack of influence and participation by self-advocates in organisations acting on their behalf Advocacy organisations tend be led and controlled by non‑disabled people, Gabor Petri’s research suggests
To become a parent – and to keep your child Being a parent poses specific problems for those with learning disabilities but help is there, says Ali F Jabeen
Small victories, big difference It’s not about being angry – it’s how you use this to improve lives, says Simon Cramp. Seán Kelly meets him
Growing old the NICE way NICE has issued guidance on the care and support of older people with learning disabilities. Margaret Lally discusses its recommendations
Forgotten lives commemorated People who lived in institutions often remain ‘shut away’ after death and buried in unmarked graves. They deserve remembrance, say Helen Atherton and David O’Driscoll
‘Positive cultures and honest words’ A project was set up to discuss what stops people living ordinary lives. Christina Schwabenland reports on what happened next
‘Upbeat lines, bright energy’ Vik JF finds unusual power in a striking exhibition that raises questions around complex collaboration and how an artist sees the world (Open to non-subscribers)
‘From stage and screen to soap opera’  Tracey Harding views  our cover woman, Kate Grant’s journey to becoming a model, and Openstorytellers read about being lonely no longer (Open to non-subscribers)
‘Opportunities in less formal times’ Unexpected chances could arise in the less regulated times of the 1970s and 1980s, recalls Gill Levy