Blue Badge consultation – time for fairness not post codes?

Reviewed Blue badge scheme – your views are needed

Judging whether someone is eligible for a blue badge is devolved to local authorities. They vary in the extent to which they consider hidden impairments. More specifically, they don’t all consider the impact on people’s ability to go out and walk/travel to places due to such as dementia, learning disabilities, autism and longer-term specific mental illnesses.

Differing assessments

Assessed by independent assessors, some Local Authorities concentrate on physical mobility issues only and having a high level of DLA/PIP mobility isn’t sufficient to get a blue badge.

Including hidden impairments

The new proposals would help ensure issues other than physical ability to be considered. DO respond – helping people to get out and about and be able to park in accessible places that minimise risks and assisting someone to access important activities can be vital to someone getting their life.