Preventing Melt-Down in Adult Social Care

COMMUNITY LIVING’S 8th legal seminar led by Belinda Schwehr, LLM

Tuesday, 27 February 2018 at St Thomas Conference Centre, Ardwick, Manchester (close to Picadilly Station) 9.30 for 10 am start. Close 4 pm.

“It is LAW that underpins best and necessary practice and policy”
Belinda Schwehr

This seminar will look at what can be done about the unravelling of social care rights and freedoms in the light of continuing austerity. It will be an uncomfortable day for those who think that personalisation meant that people could have everything they ever wanted; but equally uncomfortable for those who think that the local budget is the ‘be all and end all’ of professional judgement in the context of how much of anything is feasibly enough to meet assessed needs.

Belinda will cover:

  • Direct Payments, the minimum wage, paying relatives, and sleep-in obligations
  • Commissioning, re-tendering and consultation before changing a person’s life
  • Supporting Living – home care or not?
  • Changes to charging – and the impact of receiving non-care services
  • Pros and cons of qualifying for CHC
  • Getting out of an Assessment and Treatment Unit
  • Update on DoLs.
  • This is a unique chance to hear from an expert in social care law.

The whole day is led by Belinda, so there is plenty of opportunity for discussion of individual problems.

This seminar is for everyone – carers, advocates, local carer and advocacy groups, charity leaders, commissioners and providers of adult social care.

What previous delegates have said:

‘Delivered in language the layman could understand’

’Excellent. I’ve never gained so much vital information in one day’

‘Critical information for the times we live in’

‘You’ve made me rethink the approach to outcomes-based support planning and about the level of consultation we currently provide’

‘Best conference food ever!’