Autumn issue due out shortly

Our Autumn issue on employment shares practice and will question and comment. If you don’t subscribe don’t miss this issue – employment is one of people with learning disabilities’ priorities. Scroll down the home page and see what you think with our free articles from the current issue.

Along with news and views, regular law and benefits information, reviews and arts, our next issue is a special issue focusing on employment.

Our regulars – an interview with JohnO’Brien; Belinda Schwehr on the proposed changes to DOLS with Liberty Protection Safeguards and Charlie Callanan on Universal Credit

Articles on employment include: Project search on real jobs, no pretend; Richard Lampugh on what gets the job-fit right; Bead crafty – enterprise that grew out of a day centre closure; Sarah Pickard on why work is important while Vicky Green tells us about her journey to conference presenting; and Community Catalysts tell us about active citizens, maybe not always about paid workl David Braunsberg, a talented artist on a working life with autism;Julie Ridley asks whether Supported Living is the radical transformation we hoped?….

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