Winter issue now out – An Ordinary Life?

An ordinary life?

Our editor Simon Jarrett introduces our winter issue writing ‘ To live an ordinary life does not sound like an extreme or unreasonable demand. Indeed, it does not sound like a demand at all – it is what most people do. However, for many people with learning disabilities it can appear an almost impossible dream’

This issue highlights ‘how rights which for most people in the UK can be taken for granted – such as the right to vote, get married, be a parent – are obstacle-strewn aspirations for people with learning disabilities, which many of them never achieve’.

Our open articles include

Have people with learning disabilities become financial assets? The inside track on what’s happening in our services..

How Matthew got his life back Isabelle Garnett celebrates a developing  life one year on for her son Matthew who finally got out of an ATU

What is the law on capacity to have sex? Belinda Schwehr in the first of 2 articles looking at the law through 2 key cases

and if you take a subscription – starting at £23pa for unwaged including family carers and £30pa for individuals and small local agencies with concessions for relevant students – you also get….

Charlie Callanan walks us through tribunal appeals – encouraging  people to appeal with helpful tips.

How organisations can restore human value in their systems – Jo Clare shares a ground-floor upwards project to remove the bureacracy from service provision

A reason to get up in the morning – Peter Green describes Integrate’s pioneering social enterprises

Who speaks for people with learning disabilities? Jan Walmsley wonders if self advocates and families have fundamentally different aims…

Iva Strnadová asks why people with learning disabilities still do not have an automatic right to become parents,

The fight for the right to love Simon Jarrett writes on the barriers to love but celebrates one couple’s wonderful wedding day.

How social workers can help people live the lives they want – Julie Ridley on an inspiring conference about Named Social Worker pilots

Organisations get together to discuss how PBS could change people’s lives; Sam Croniken reports on a PBS festival

Who’s afraid of Robocare? Sally Warren on how assistive technology can really help individuals independence and self-worth

Building resilience in a changing world. Rose Trustam reports on the commissioners conference

Current trends could be returning us to the institutions of 50 years ago fears Robin Jackson

Research – the social work role: servant or master? Hannah Morgan and Elaine James report on a study to test whether social work based on the social model of disability can successfully challenge oppressive practices

Film: A trail blazing actor and an empathetic documentary Tracey Harding looks back on an autumn of film treats while Moments in history  A passionate advocate Paul Williams describes the life and career of Rex Brinkworth